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eCommerce Website and Multimedia Book for Sale


- There are two major parts to this property: A dot com public website and a multimedia book. The multimedia book - The Creative Director set - is formatted for distribution on a USB Flash drive and on a password protected private website.

- The public website - - is used to attract buyers for the multimedia book with a selection of articles, videos and slideshows from the multimedia book.

- These properties occupy a niche in the Advertising & Marketing arena focused on creative concept development. Specific topics covered are how to capture consumer insights, write creative briefs, create brands, write compelling copy and the like.

This property includes thousands of classic and contemporary advertisements in traditional, digital and social media.


- Primary audience: Working professionals in advertising and marketing, on both the creative and account management sides. Specific segments include: ad agencies, design shops, freelancers, in-house corporate marketing teams in small business as well as Fortune 1000 firms.

- Secondary audience: Students, instructors and professors of advertising and marketing.

- About 35% of visits come from the USA with most of the remainder from English speaking countries, especially the UK, Canada, Australia and India.

The Website

- The author - of both the site and book - is an international award winning creative director and copywriter who has worked at several of the world's leading advertising agencies. The content is original, creative and reflects a high degree of real world, practical expertise.

- The website has ben live on the Internet since 2001. It has high Google rankings in several advertising related keywords such as creative brief, advertising techniques and advertising strategy.

The Multimedia Book

- The multimedia book is the jewel of the property. It features substantially more content than the website. And it is unique as the only start-to-finish guide to creative concept development for advertising professionals.

- It features How To articles, slideshows and workshops with gigs of example ads in digital, social and traditional media. The collection of TV commercials, for example, covers a decade of the world's best creative work, worldwide.

- The multimedia book has been sold via the website as an online subscription and, physically, on a USB Flash drive.

The Perfect Buyer

- These two properties could benefit most any business in the marketing and advertising arena. Natural fits include a stock photo site, an advertising awards site, a publishing company or a school offering programs in advertising creativity.

- Example: The multimedia book could be published in full on the website. That would swell online content which would presumably increase traffic, making the site appealing as an advertising platform.

- Example: The multimedia book could be offered as an incentive to subscribe or buy a related product or service. The offer could be in the form of the USB Flash drive or access to a password protected area - both of which are currently available.

- Example: A company looking to increase its profile on the web could continue the current configuration of the website and multimedia book, perhaps converting the multimedia book to a downloadable product.

Important Details

- The owner is involved in other interests and has been reducing his involvement in the property over the past few years. He is considering selling the property - as one of several options - if he can find the right buyer at the right price.

- Additional assets include email lists of 6,000+ opt-in subscribers and 2,500+ buyers.

- Cash sale only, no trades or seller financing. Buyer responsible for any legal and accounting expenses required by buyer.

- Purchase consists of the domains and all content, and all content, plus the domain It also includes the Creative Director multimedia book on USB Flash drive.

If you are interested and have some initial questions, contact us at the AdProf email address below.

If You Are Really Interested ...

- 1 Please download the .PDF NDA agreement here.

- 2 Include with the NDA a list of questions that will help you decide whether to offer a bid on the property.

- 3 Also include with the NDA a brief explanation of your interest and why you think this might be a good fit for your company.

- 4 Send the NDA, your questions and statement of interest to